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BigCommerce Single-Page Checkout Themes – Quicker And Smarter Way Of Reducing Cart Abandonment Issues

Single Page Checkout themes are the latest trends. If you are also looking for Single page checkout BigCommerce themes, then the best buys are available at Stencil Theme Store- the best marketplace for stencil-ready and BigCommerce Templates Australia and standard themes. They are also expert in developing single-page and multi-page checkout themes. The checkout options are the major sections where most of the customers drop purchasing. Therefore giving a checkout option that is not just simple to carry out but also keeps the buyer engaged, should be your way out for addressing the card-abandonment issue.

Single Page Checkout themes are gaining popularity because they are able to sort out many issues related to card-abandonment while checking out. They are lighter and thus quickly gets downloaded which is appreciated and one of the most desired features by the customers.


  • Speed – A single page checkout option is a quick process. The buyer does not have to wait for long and then fill up the details one by one existing on different pages. This quickens up the process and frankly customers the speedy procedures.
  • Progress – They is aware of the progress of checking out. While filling up the check out page, the buyer knows already how many fields he/she has to fill in. Whereas in multi-page the buyer has to guess and anticipate about the number of pages and fields he/she has to fill and then reach the final stage. This really plays a psychological role and with single page they feel lighter in Bigcommerce Theme Design Australia.
  • Navigation – As all the elements are present on the same page, the buyer does not need to navigate and jump from one page to other if he/she needs to check anything and make an update. In multipage this is however a hindrance.

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Every coin has two sides and so is with single page checkout options –

  • Cluttered Layout – As all the fields are at same page, the layout may look messy and cluttered. Therefore while getting a single-page checkout in your storefront architecture, make sure that the page is not looking messed-up.
  • Loss of Customer Information if he/she decided to quit early- In multi-page checkout option you can get the information about the customer which is a vital source. Even if the customer decides to quit later on, you own the information filled by him/her and can use it for further communication. In single-page you can store the information.

But yes, certainly there are ways to overcome these drawbacks.

Stencil Theme Store suggests that if you really want to gather the information about the visitors why not include some other custom forms that are short to fill, keeps the customer engaged and can help you in getting feedbacks.

For the designing part, Stencil Theme Store is expert at delivering the best, clean and neat designs. You will have all the relevant fields and options, and at the same time an attractive looking checkout page.

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