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Is The PageSpeed Of Your BigCommerce Theme Fast Enough?

Page speed is one of the major issues faced by online store owners. If a page on web store is taking a long time in getting downloaded, then there is high possibility that the visitor may leave the store without browsing the store. Thus, you will be on the losing side as many visitors will lose interest in your store. The loading time therefore plays a crucial role in holding back the visitors and gives you the opportunity to convert them to the customers.

Stencil Theme Store, a marketplace for Fashion Stencil Theme and Custom Stencil Themes has come up with faster downloading storefront designs. The e-commerce solutions provided by the Stencil Theme Store are just perfect for any type of online business and with high PageSpeed the business owners can sit back and relax for there are very less chances that a customer would leave your store just because its took few extra seconds in displaying the contents and product of the page.

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Effects of Page Speed in Online Business

A Slow Page Speed may develop disinterest among visitor – Slow and steady used to win the race but not anymore. The story has a new and completely opposite twist when it comes to online business. It is the speed which makes you the winner.

This may have occurred with you too. Just remember the time you logged in your social account but the news feed was taking a hell lot of time- duh! Were you not irritated? And when you visited a web page just to check the contents of the page but instead of the content, a blank page with revolving icon with “loading” title appeared. What did you do? You did not waste another second there. In fact this is the most of us. Whenever some page or some store takes time we tend to switch to another link or source.

BigCommerce Premium Themes

As an online business owner this is the least thing which you want to face. No matter you are offering the best services, going great with digital marketing, and have the high class products; if your store’s downloading speed is not as it should be you are losing a lot there.

Negative Impression on Search Engines Too – It was once mentioned by the Google- the search engines considers page speed as a ranking factor. Now you may have a slow web store on first result page, but there are surely some consequences for it that may show up and have adverse effects in the long run. So why not nip the beast in the bud.
Stencil Theme Store’s Rescue Plan

To set the things right for you Stencil Theme Store offers its outstanding support and services. Expert in Bigcommerce Store Theme – be it Premium Stencil-ready themes or Custom BigCommerce Themes you are going to have faster loading storefront. The responsive themes first of all can be accessed on any device and then the speed wins the game for you. With instant loading, the visitor gets an enriched browsing experience and thus you have an awesome chance to be in the win-win situation. Lay your products in attractive showcase and the features of the store that are inbuilt in the theme offer the best shopping experience. The filtering system adds to your advantage.

To increase the speed of your store Stencil Theme Store uses multiple ways and also embeds the latest features and optimizing factors.

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