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Top 4 Rules To Plan Marketing Strategies 2017

Today, the kind of consumer market that lies in front of business owners is altogether different from the traditional market. Due to technological advances, the global market is expanding and shrinking at the same time. This phenomenon and type of market is known as “global village”, a term given by communication theorist Marshall McLuhan. The market is expanding for the business owners that too in terms of ‘reach out’. With various media and social platforms it has become easy to advertise globally and thus gain maximum reach to the customers and consumers. At the same time market is shrinking for the consumers as they want everything to be procured through a few clicks of a mouse. So now you see that with such a big drift in the market architecture you also need to adapt the latest marketing strategies.

BigCommerce has been powering many small, medium and large scale businesses. But not all the entrepreneurs are able to generate revenues and some are even struggling hard to mark their presence. This is due to different approaches taken by different store owners. The growth percentage of your online store depends upon the marketing strategies you choose.  These strategies play a major role in establishing a strong foundation for your business. Coin your marketing strategies in such a manner that they realistically help you in growing your business.


Stencil Theme is an innovative venture that offers Premium BigCommerce Themes, which can be the driving force for your online store. The themes have been drafted by Stencil Theme by taking into account the latest rules for setting up strategies and plans that assist you in expanding your business arena.Here are few of the latest trends that may help you in understanding the market and its demand. Follow the given rules to coin you marketing strategies and build a strong business foundation for your bigcommerce store with Stencil Theme

  • Give User Friendly Navigation and Attractive Display –

    An online store is actually a virtual store but of course you need to maintain that too. The most important feature of an online store to claim customers, is to offer a very smooth and easy navigation. This helps in building a repo with the customer as the convenience of browsing and surfing the products will instantly mark your first impression.  Along with this the way you exhibit your product is important. Think of a store that is clumsy and products not arranged properly. Would you like to visit it? Not at all.So now you got the point why it is necessary to have a good looking online store.The multipurpose BigCommerce Premium Themesby Stencil Theme showcase your products in the best possible manner. Customized Themes and Templates are also provided by Stencil Theme so that you store has your favourite look.

  • Choose Responsive Themes –

    Earlier there were only one or two devices available per person, but now every single person owns at least two to three devices to connect to internet.  This has also resulted in increased percentage of online shopping. Now if your store is unable to perform well on all the devices, then there are chances that you may lose a customer. Therefore to have an online store that functions properly and lets you to offer your products and services to your customers on every type of device is the most important necessity of these days. That is why choose responsive themes and layouts created by Stencil Theme for your online store and do not miss the chance of being the first choice.

  • Give Filtering Options –

    Filters are other important features that must be present at your online store.  This increases the chance of sale. If a customer is able to find a product matching to his/her requirement, the sale is bound to take place. All the themes created by Stencil Theme have basic filters embedded. However, if you want to offer expanded filtration to your customer you can pick affordable Custom Filtration Plan an exclusive filtration plan by Stencil Theme, which lets you to give more filters to your customers.

  • Stay Connected on the go to your Customers –

    Social Media has taken the advertising world with a storm. All of sudden all the other advertising plans have taken a back seat with Social Media advertising leading from the front. It’s not that you have to put banners and ads over social platforms, giving a connecting option to your customers over social sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc can actually help you doing mouth to mouth advertisement. The thing that is trending over social platforms is actually selling. The Social Sharing Buttons given with every BigCommerce Theme by Stencil Theme help you in achieving a personal bonding with your customers and of course get your own fans following. Also for the trendy and updated customers, send your latest arrivals, sale offers via Newsletter and let them know that you really care for them.

Along with the above mentioned points, keep in mind that the backend of the store should be easy to manage so that you can make the necessary changes as and when required. Stencil Theme developed Themes and Templates are very easy to manage and thus helps you in regularly updating your store very conveniently.

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